Channel Seven looking for you for their Escape for Love

Sydney, 24 May, 2017
INFORMATION: Channel Seven in Sydney is looking for couples who want to get married but don’t have the support of their families.
They will take the couple away for a month to a holiday destination to explore and understand their lack of support with professional psychologists.
If you know someone who wants to get married, but the family don’t agree please pass on the following link to apply:
Seven Serial Flyer
Dr Yadu Singh

Racism is the product of sick mind

Sydney, 14 May, 2018

I have received the link (below) from one of my Chinese Australian friends. Its upsetting and wrong to attack people, based on their race, gender, sexuality or religion.

Pic from from from

These posters are wrong and product of hateful ideology.

It’s interesting and amusing to see the people, who wrote these posters, themselves don’t know how to write things in proper English!

I have spoken with a several people in my network. We condemn these racist posters, and urge relevant authorities to take action to stop such behaviour.

Dr Yadu Singh

Community education Seminar series: Diabetes Mellitus

Sydney, 4 May, 2018

Federation of Indian Associations of NSW’s seminar is on Sunday, 20 May, 2.15-4pm. Details in the flyer.

Dr Yadu Singh

Happy ANZAC Day 2018

Sydney, Wednesday, 25 April, 2018

Today Australia and NZ are celebrating ANZAC Day, which commemorates the landing of ANZAC troops at Gallipoli in 1915. 👉

👉 What’s on today and where you can join in the celebration in Sydney is in this article.

We celebrate today, not to glorify war or praise victors, but to remember those who have served our country during times of conflict and crisis, and to reflect upon their selfless sacrifice. It is our duty as the Citizens of Australia by choice or by Birth to pay our tributes to those who sacrifice their life for us.

Happy ANZAC Day.

Lest we forget!

Dr Yadu Singh

Hunar Verma has a lot of Hunar

24 April, 2018

I am so proud and happy to tell you that the son of our friend Navneet Verma, Hunar Verma, has been selected to be a promising young Cricketing star by NSW Cricket.


Hunar certainly has Hunar (skills) to be a star.

Watch out this space. Hunar is going to bring a lot of pride to all of us.

Congratulations to Hunar and his proud father, Navneet Verma.

As it happens, Navneet is a very dear friend of ours, and we are so happy for him and his family. Congratulations!

Dr Yadu Singh

Israel’s 70th Independence Day celebration in Sydney

24 April, 2018

I participated in the celebration of Israel’s 70th Independence Day in Sydney yesterday. NSW Jewish Board of Deputies organized the celebration at Four Seasons hotel in the CBD, which was attended by the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, Minister Ray Williams, many MPs, MLCs, Leader of Opposition, Luke Foley, diplomats from more than 20 nations, multicultural community leaders and faith leaders. Israel’s Ambassador, H.E. Mark Sofer, was in attendance too. He spoke and outlined the achievements of Israel in the field of innovation, technology and agriculture. Premier described the close relationship which NSW has with Israel in a variety of fields. There was a short video speech from Israel’s Prime Minister, H.E. Benjamin Netanyahu.

Like previous years, this event was a high profile celebration. The typical Israeli cuisine and select top grade wines were enjoyed by the guests. The hospitality was excellent. As would be expected, the security was elaborate and tight.

I was pleased to be at the celebration and caught up with many including the Premier, Leader of Opposition and MPs and MLCs.

Dr Yadu Singh

Enjoy what you do & enjoy watching haters to burn in hate!

Sydney, 15 April, 2018

It can be distressing to see some people, who hate you only because you do good things, which they don’t do or are incapable to do. Their jealousy submerges them into irrational hate for you. Some of these “haters” might even be those whom you helped in one or the other way, but take this on your chin. Remember this famous Sanskrit verse “Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana.”

You may feel some distress about it, which is natural, but a better approach is to have sympathy & pity for such “haters” and continue enjoying what you do for people and community. Stay the course is the best approach.

Remember, haters are gonna hate, because they are shallow and incapable of matching your decency. They might even badmouth you to be in good books of scumbags, against whom you took a stand, opposing their low class, unethical and substandard activities.

No amount of backstabbing, badmouthing or substandard behavior from these “good for nothing” haters should distract you from your chosen path.

Dr Yadu Singh