Let us do our part to support victims of Nepal earthquake

Sydney, NSW 26th April, 2015 Fund-raising appeal: Let us support victims of Nepal earthquake

Let us from Indian Australian community along with all others from South Asian communities in Australia come together and raise funds to support victims of Nepal Earthquake. There is a urgent need for funds for victims.


Nepal Earthquake has caused massive destruction of infrastructure and deaths of more than 2000 people in Nepal. These numbers are going to increase as more information comes in. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32470731

Latest death toll is 3300 people. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/nepal/11562782/Nepal-earthquake-live.html

Latest death toll is now 3617 as of this report. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32475030

Latest death toll is now 4300 now. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/nepal/11562782/Nepal-earthquake-live.html

Latest death toll is now 5200+. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/29/asia/nepal-earthquake/

Latest death toll is now 6200+ http://www.voanews.com/content/death-toll-rises-in-nepal/2744263.html

Latest death toll NOW 6600+ http://www.voanews.com/content/death-toll-rises-in-nepal/2744263.html

Latest death toll NOW 7000+ http://www.voanews.com/content/death-toll-rises-in-nepal/2744263.html

Latest death toll is 8413. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/south-asia/Nepal-earthquake-death-toll-rises-to-8413/articleshow/47187088.cms


India has started “Operation Maitri” (Operation Friendship) to support Nepalese people in this difficult time. It is our duty as part of Indian Australian community and other Australian communities to raise much needed funds urgently


Following guidelines will be followed.

  • Funds will be raised transparently and announced publicly.
  • We will work with Nepalese Consul General in Sydney and/or Nepalese Ambassador in Australia and hand over the money to them.
  • We will keep Indian Consul General in Sydney and Indian High Commissioner in Canberra in the loop.
  • We will work in collaboration and co-ordination with Nepalese community in Sydney, Australia.
  • Every cent and dollar will be going to the victims.
  • Collection of funds will be audited by a chartered accountant to ensure that all raised money has been given to victims.
  • Names of all donors of $10 and more will be listed in this post and Facebook.
  • While transferring money, please put your name and Earthquake in the reference. Please also send a copy of transaction details to dryadusingh@gmail.com to make sure your name is published in this Blog post.  Please make sure you include your name while sending the transaction detail.
  • Account details:
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 032070
Acc: 506265
Charitable Fund-raising Authority CFN/23760

Following people will be co-ordinating and monitoring the fund-raising.

1. Mr Yateen Gupta-Certified Practising Accountant

2. Mr Sreenadh Brahmapuram-Active community member

3. Mr Jagtar Singh-Active community member

4. Dr Yadu Singh-Active community member and President, Indian Australian Association of NSW

Please open your hearts and help victims of Nepal earthquake.


To pledge your donation, please go to the bottom of this page and leave your details with the amount you are pledging in the “Reply” space.


Following people have donated or pledged to donate:

  1. Dr Yadu Singh, Sydney $500 Paid
  2. Gurdeep Singh, Sydney $500 Paid
  3. Gaurav Suri, Sydney $600 Paid
  4. Yateen Gupta, Sydney $250 Paid
  5. Jagdish Lodhia, Sydney $400 Paid.
  6. Surinder Manku, Sydney $200 Paid
  7. Chidanand Puttarevanna, Sydney $200 Paid
  8. Dr Shailja Chaturvedi, Sydney $200 Paid
  9. Naresh Mehrok, Sydney $200 Paid
  10. Billu’s Eatery (Billu Singh), Harris Park $685 Paid
  11. Dr Jayanthi Subhas, Sydney $200 Paid
  12. Bal Ram, Liverpool $150 paid
  13. Boaz Abraham, Sydney $100 Paid
  14. Ramesh Morkhandikar, Sydney $20 Pledge
  15. Vinod Chinnappa, Sydney $50 Paid
  16. Hermoine Lynn, Sydney $50 Paid
  17. Pravin Gupta, Sydney $50 paid
  18. Poonam Sachdeva, Sydney $100 Paid
  19. Ajay Bajaj, Sydney $100 Paid
  20. G Hegde, Sydney $21 Paid
  21. Abhi Manu, Sydney $100 Paid
  22. Thilak Balachandran, Sydney $50 paid
  23. Farida Irani, Sydney $100 paid
  24. Shashank Sharma, Sydney $50 paid
  25. Rajwant Singh, Sydney $200 Paid
  26. Amit Tripathi, Melbourne $100 Paid
  27. Rose Popescu, Sydney $50 Paid
  28. Value World Travel, $3750 (Minimum guaranteed donation) Paid
  29. Dr Bharthi & Sri Ranga Reddy, Sydney $500 Paid
  30. Ravi Naik, Sydney $100 paid
  31. Vijay and Kusum Kejriwal, Sydney $500 Paid
  32. Harpreet Singh, Sydney $200 Paid
  33. Maya Da Dhaba (Ajay Raj), Sydney $1000 Paid
  34. Jagtar Singh, Sydney $100 Paid
  35. Elizabeth Welsh, Australia $200 Paid
  36. Baljinder Singh, Sydney $100 Paid
  37. Logesan Pillay, Sydney $100 Paid
  38. Sreenadh Brahmapuram, Sydney $100 Paid
  39. Narender Singh, Melbourne $51 Paid
  40. Aksheya Kumar, Sydney $125 Paid
  41. Anita Kumar, Sydney $50 Paid
  42. Surinder Bhogal, Sydney $200 Paid
  43. Dr Lila & Baltej Singh, Sydney $500 Paid
  44.  Jagdeesh Kumar, Sydney $100 Paid
  45. Mahesh Raj Go Kool, Harris Park $250 Paid
  46. Ashima Kumar & Pradeep Kumar, Sydney $50 Paid
  47. Dr Nayara Aktar, Sydney $100 Paid
  48. Kushma Ram, Sydney $101 Paid
  49. John Niven, Sydney $100 Paid
  50. Rekha Rajvansi, Sydney $100 Paid
  51. Motie Visaa, Melbourne $100 Paid
  52. Mrs & Mr Iyer, Sydney $100 Paid
  53. Sanjiv Sharma, Sydney $100 Paid
  54. Vivek Gupta, Sydney $50 Paid
  55. Rajendar Tekula, Sydney $50 Paid
  56. Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Sydney $50 Paid
  57. Ximin Feng, Sydney $50 Paid
  58. Laltha Viswanathan, Sydney $20 Paid
  59. Ashwin Vyas, Sydney $50 Paid
  60. Sunil Srivatsan, Sydney $15 Paid
  61. Anonymous (NT), Sydney $250 Paid
  62. Anonymous (GT), Sydney $250 Paid
  63. Neelam Restaurant (Gyan Chand), Parramatta $200 Paid
  64. Taaza Tandoori (Bunty Bhatia), Harris Park $100 Paid
  65. Anonymous (RJ), Sydney $100 Paid
  66. Basava Samithi, Sydney $200 Paid
  67. Anonymous (RL), Sydney $200 Paid
  68. Sarika Dias, Sydney $50 Paid
  69. Siva Kumar Appu, Sydney $250 Paid
  70.  Narinder Chhabra, Sydney $101 Paid
  71. Indira Devi, Sydney $50 Paid
  72. Taj Indian Sweets (Ramesh Sharma), Sydney $250 Paid
  73. Global Reach (Ravi Lochan Singh), Sydney $500 Paid
  74. Harry Singh, Sydney, $100 Paid
  75. Sahil Sapra (Prime Real Estate), Harris Park $200 Paid
  76. Shelley Tang, Sydney $50 Paid
  77. Shyam and Dr Anita Kumar, Sydney $100 Paid
  78. Kamalesh Chaudhary, Sydney $100 Paid
  79. Dr Raghu Modur, Albury $100 paid
  80. Santhosh Seetharaman, Sydney $50 Paid
  81. Desi Touch Hair Salon (Sunny), Harris Park $100 Paid
  82. Bhim Dev (Able Conveyancing), Asquith, NSW $200 Paid
  83. Ratesh Gumber, Sydney $100 Paid
  84. Mahavir Arya, Sydney $100 Paid
  85. Manju Jehu, Brisbane $100 Paid
  86. Inderjit Virdi, Sydney $100 Paid
  87. Sahai Pty Ltd (Hema Rao), Sydney $100 Paid
  88. Dinesh Kapoor, Sydney $100 Paid
  89. Dr Manmit Madan, Sydney $200 Paid
  90. Dr Varun Nanda, Australia $201 Paid
  91. Rajeev  Shirodkar, Sydney $200 Paid
  92. Rajiv Khanna, Australia $200 Paid
  93. Anonymous (AO), Sydney $100 Paid
  94. Sriraman Annaswamy, Sydney $108 Paid
  95. Pramod Singh, Sydney $50 Paid
  96. Dr Pradeep Reddy, Sydney $100 Paid
  97. Sharad Kanitkar, Sydney $100 Paid
  98. VIRU VIRUPAKSHAIAH (Basava Samithi), Sydney $50 Paid
  99. Hemanth Raju, Sydney $50 Paid
  100. Fazal Bhai, Roshan’s Fashions, Sydney $350 Paid
  101. Ranga Kandadai, Sydney $100 Paid
  102. Somir Kumar, Sydney $120 Paid
  103. Sharmas Kitchen, Sydney $1000 Paid
  104. Ahmed Hyder, Sydney $100 Paid
  105. Ashok Manglick, Sydney $200 Paid
  106. Bhav Datt, Sydney $150 Paid
  107. Basava Samithi, Brisbane $365 Paid
  108. Mahadev Swamy, Sydney $100 Paid
  109. Kashif Amjad, SlimTel, Sydney, $221 Paid
  110. Anonymous donations into bank account have been counted and included in the total sum.


Total collected: $23000


Account transactions have been audited and money collection confirmed by Mr Yateender Gupta, CPA on 25th May, 2015.


Nepal Earthquake Appeal - You Can Be Part Of The Recovery!

Indaus Inc Oxfam Save the Children UNICEF World Vision Care

Dr Yadu Singh dryadusingh@gmail.com http://www.twitter.com/dryadusingh http://www.facebook.com/dryadusingh

Sad, unfortunate and possibly avoidable death of a young family man in Sydney!

I received an email from my friend, Sreenadh Brahmapuram, on 8th May, 2014. This email was addressed to Indian Consulate, with request for some help, and included a few from the community. I am not sure about their response.

After contacting Sreenadh, I visited Westmead Hospital. I met JK’s wife, LK, their 2 years old son and their close friends. Sreenadh and I were at JK’s bedside in the ICU for some considerable time and spoke with his doctors. Sreenadh and I have been in contact ever since. We were also working on getting emergency visa for JK’s sister.

JK’s wife is a student in Sydney. They belong to Punjab province of India. They both were working in part time jobs, and staying in Harris Park.

JK, a 27 years old young man, suffered from Bronchial Asthma, which he was self-treating with puffers. His Asthma kept getting worse, before he decided to go to the Emergency dept of Westmead hospital, at the suggestion of a neighbour, who is a nurse. His Asthma was really bad. On the way, he had further worsening and had a cardio-pulmonary arrest. CPR was initially performed by the neighbour who was accompanying him. Ambulance officers arrived soon after and took over the resuscitation. He was transported to Westmead hospital, where again he had a cardio-pulmonary arrest. He was intubated, ventilated and taken to ICU, but unfortunately, he sustained significant brain injury due to poor oxygen in his body prior to reaching the hospital. This led to brain-swelling, which finally turned out to be fatal.

His body has now been transported to India last Saturday, 17th May, with the cost of such transportation taken care by Indian Consulate.

Sreenadh has provided all possible assistance to the family. He deserves kudos and heart-felt gratitude. What a gem of a person he is!

After this sad and unfortunate news became public, many people offered help. Parklea Gurdwara offered financial assistance of $2100.00 and many others too provided assistance in whatever way they could.

This young man is the only son of his parents, with one married and one unmarried sister. His son is only 2 years old and is oblivious to the tragedy. His widow will have to fetch for herself and look after the kid by herself. It is pretty daunting.

Being a medico myself, I just think that this sad, unfortunate and devastating outcome could have been avoided if JK had sought medical assistance just a bit earlier. Bronchial Asthma can be fatal if acute attack is not treated promptly.

I know that everything looks better in hindsight, but it is worth keeping in mind.

When experiencing any medical problem, it is better and helpful to seek prompt assistance from those who are qualified to offer such assistance. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment can end up in avoidable adverse outcome including fatality.

It is not worth it to delay seeking medical assistance promptly.

People who are on student visa or on visitor visa in Australia are required to have valid health Insurance, which covers approx. 85% of the medical bills from doctors and hospitals. I might add that Health Insurance was not the relevant factor for JK as he carried this cover.

Finally, we, as the community, should do what we can do to assist this family, when LK and their son return to Sydney.

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/21st May, 2014



*Names of JK and LK not disclosed.