Several Australian and Asian Universities, but none from India, in top 50 world ranking!

The latest ranking from The Times Higher Education World University ranking in 2012 places Harvard University at number 1, MIT at number 2, Cambridge at number 3 and Stanford at 4.

Melbourne University, Australian National University [ANU] and University of Sydney are in the top 50. Many more are further down in the list.

The University of Sydney, established in 1850,...

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Indian Institute of Technology [IIT], Mumbai alone is in the top 400, while many universities from Asia-Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea have been graded highly-many in top 100.

University of Tokyo is at 8, Kyoto University at 20, National University of Singapore at 23, Tsinghua University [China] at 30, Peking University at 38 and University of Hong Kong at 39 in the list are noteworthy for everyone. It is definitely a matter of pride for people of these countries.

No university from India is in the top 100.

Times Higher Education ranking is one of the reputed and recognised ranking systems of the world Universities.

India has many universities but they generally do not score highly in these lists. I do not know fully why this is so, but something needs to be done by Govt authorities. All facilities, proper auditing and good administration including high level of teaching must be ensured to make these universities provide quality education and be competitive in the world ranking. Collaboration with foreign universities should be allowed and foreign Universities should be encouraged to set up their branches in India.

India sends quite a large number of students [only China beats India in this] to overseas universities. By providing quality education in India-based universities which also have prestige attached to them, India can save a huge amount of foreign reserve too.

I know that many bills have either been passed or in the process of being passed in Indian Parliament to achieve this desired outcome. Indian policy makers have a massive job in their hands to ensure top class education to millions of India’s students.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/16th March, 2012