Air India deserves Kudos

Sydney, 24 November, 2016

I wish to share two stories involving India’s national airline, Air India. These are very positive stories. Since I believe in praising good deeds, I am writing about them here.

  1. When we heard the sad, tragic and heart-breaking news of the brutal murder of Late Manmeet Sharma “Alisher” in Brisbane recently, everyone in the community was devastated. Manmeet was doing his job and there was no justification for what was done to him. His brother, Amit, and their family friend, Winnerjit Singh, travelled to Brisbane in the most difficult circumstances. They came to Australia to take the mortal remains of Late Manmeet. The sad news of this murder was in all newspapers not only of India, but also of the whole world. Air India chief, Ashwani Lohani, too read about this while travelling from Singapore to India. He felt moved. From Singapore itself, he contacted and asked Air India manager based in Sydney, Madhu Mathen, to offer free transportation of the mortal remains. This offer was conveyed to Indian High Commissioner in Australia, Navdeep Suri, who conveyed it to the family. I have direct information from people involved in this matter. Air India flew the mortal remains to India. I have no doubt that it is a real big gesture from Air India.
  2. When Value World Travel went out of business in November 2015, quite a lot of people lost their air tickets with various airlines. Many were those who had booked tickets with Air India too. Often, such bookings were made many months in advance when airfares were very cheap. After Value World fiasco, people did not have any booking and were required to book again. The airfares had gone up by 2 to 2.5 times by then. While no other airline did anything to alleviate the difficulties these passengers were facing, Air India did something which was unexpected. It was definitely a kind gesture. It offered re-booked tickets at the SAME price at which the original tickets were booked months earlier. I am aware that this gesture from Air India was hugely appreciated by the victims. When I met Air India manager in Sydney on an unrelated occasion, and enquired about it, I was pleased to hear his response. He said, “Air India is India’s national airline and its HEART is Indian. We share the pain and distress of Indians whenever and wherever it happens and try to do what we can do to help them.”

I travel with Air India, which is my favourite airline. I have always found their services to be great. I have many positive experiences, which I will write about one day.

Thank you Air India! We are proud of you!!

Thank you, Mr Madhu Mathen and thank you, Mr Ashwani Lohani.

You have our best wishes for taking Air India to new heights!

Jay Hind!!

Dr Yadu Singh

Sydney Tribute/vigil for Manmeet Sharma “Alisher” on Novemver 2, 2016


Tribute/Vigil for Manmeet Sharma “Alisher”, the Brisbane Bus Driver, who was burnt alive last Friday.

Wednesday, Nov 2, 5.00-8.00 PM.

The Robyn Thomas Reserve, 43 Hassall Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150.

We are all aware about this unfortunate incident in Brisbane last Friday. A young man in the prime of his life at 29 years age was murdered in broad day light, while he was doing his job. This has shocked every decent Australian and Indian Australian throughout Australia. Our community is in pain and going through grief. We are united in grief, irrespective which background we are from.

Some great people from our community volunteered to organise a Tribute/vigil event for Manmeet Sharma “Alisher”. Alisher is the name of his village in Punjab, India.

Manmeet was an Australian citizen of Indian heritage but this event is above any group, association, religion or race. Everyone is welcome.  Every human is welcome. This is part of the healing process.

City of Parramatta Council’s permission has been obtained to hold the Vigil/Tribute event at the Robin Thomas Reserve, Hassall Street, Parramatta. The Council is supporting us. Not only this, we have the confirmation that City of Parramatta Council’s Administrator, Amanda Chadwick, is attending the event to show Council’s solidarity with the community..

Facebook page for the event is below.


The purpose of the event is to offer tribute and hold a vigil in the memory of Manmeet, who was a very dear and popular member of Indian community in Brisbane.

There will be a slide show about Manmeet’s life and work. There will be a few speeches from the members from the community. A few MPs have confirmed their attendance and Consul General of India in Sydney might attend it too.

A few from Media might also attend.

There will be a minute’s silence, which will be observed by those who attend.

We had sent an email to Parramatta LAC this morning, informing them about this event, and have received the call a few minutes ago from the Duty Officer, advising us that they have no issues and that one of their officers (I believe his name is Jason) will attend and represent Acting Commander Parramatta LAC. Email confirmation has been received.

Do join us on Nov 2, 2016 between 5-8pm.

We are united in grief!

We are together in expressing our shock and grief!

We are with the family of our Manmeet in their hour of unimaginable distress, anguish and grief!

Dr Yadu Singh