Sydney Indians met and interacted with Former Karnataka Chief Minister, Mr Jagadish Shettar!

Mr Settar and community

On Wednesday, 30th April, 2014, members of Sydney’s Indian community, particularly from Karnataka, met and interacted with Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, The Hon Jagadish Shettar, at the home of Hemanth Raju in Glenfield, NSW. Mr J Shettar and CommunityHemanth is the current President of Basava Samithi, Sydney.

Approx 50 people were present. Prominent among them were Hemanth Raju, Paramesh Halaradhya, Satish Bhadranna, Mallikarjun Ramanahalli and Chidananda Puttarevanna.

Mr Shettar was in Australia to take part in “6th International Sharana Samskriti Sammelana” meeting in Perth recently. He visited Sydney after this meeting, before travelling to Melbourne and NZ.

He has a vast record of public service in Karnataka. He was a lawyer by profession, before entering Karnataka Assembly in 1994. His family members and he has been long term Jan Sangh/BJP members/supporters. He was an active leader of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) during his student days. He has also held the position of Karnataka BJP President at one stage.

He served as Speaker of the Assembly in 2008-9, Minister in various Karnataka Govts at various times, and was the Chief Minister from 2012 to 2013. Currently, he is the Leader of Opposition in the assembly.

He is a senior leader of BJP, with a lot of influence, following and support in Karnataka.

Our interaction with him included topics of Indian Governance, Karnataka Politics and Indian Mr J Shettar and Yadu Singh talkingelection. He felt that a minimum of 20 MPs from Karnataka will be from BJP. He was confident that NDA (National Democratic Alliance) will form the next Govt at the centre and Mr Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India.

We enjoyed home-cooked and typical Kannada food, prepared by various members of the community.

We were very impressed with his down to earth nature and simplicity. We enjoyed his sense of humour.

It was indeed a great pleasure to meet Mr Jagadish Shettar!

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/2nd May 2014

INDAUS FAIR, Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013, Rosehill Race Course, Rosehill, NSW!



Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/11th Aug, 2013

All nett proceeds from INDAUS Fair on Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013 going to Uttarakhand Flood Victims!


Uttarakhand State in India has had catastrophic and massive floods on 14-17th June, 2013, leading to huge loss of lives, property and infrastructure. Many roads, bridges, villages and towns have been washed away. Rescue efforts were heroically performed by Indian Army, Indian Air Force, ITBF [Indo-Tibetan Border Force] along with civic authorities.

Death toll stands at 5700. The devastation in the region is going to have a lingering and cascading effect on people for long time.

This is all very sad, shocking and upsetting. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

Indians, wherever they live, are doing what they can do to assist victims. Reconstruction in Uttarakhand needs as much help as possible. State Govt has requested Central Govt to provide a 13000 Crores reconstruction package to the devastated state.

Indians all over the world, and in India, are doing their bits to help the state and affected people. Indians in Sydney are doing their bits too. I am sure we all will contribute in some way to the assistance work.

INDAUS Inc team have resolved to contribute to this assistance by donating all net proceeds from their flagship event “INDAUS Fair” at Rosehill Race Course, Rosehill, NSW 2142, on Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013 to Uttarakhand flood victims.

INDAUS Inc had originally planned to send the net proceeds from INDAUS Fair to INDIA HOUSE project, but the tragedy in Uttarakhand is more pressing and is a more deserving cause. That is why we have decided to send net proceeds to Uttarakhand flood victims.

We, in INDAUS Inc, urge you to join us for this event on Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013. The ticket price of $7/per person is next to nothing, and is easily affordable. We seek your help re getting as many stalls & souvenir Ads as possible!

Let us spread the message in our networks and get there in big numbers!

Victims need your help and generosity! Please show our generosity for Uttarakhand Food victims by joining, attending & supporting INDAUS Fair on Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013!
Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/20th July, 2013

INDAUS Fair in Sydney: Sunday, 11th August, 2013.


INDAUS Fair in Sydney: Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013.

Venue info and other details coming up!

Stay tuned!!

Dr Yadu Singh


Our team raised $22215 for recent Qld Floods victims!





Press Release:

Sydney, 3nd April, 2013.

 Indian Australian Association of NSW Inc [INDAUS Inc] members teamed with others in the Hills Shire and organised a hugely successful Charity fund raising event for Bundaberg Floods Victims, at Mother India Restaurant, Dural, raising $22,215.00 on Sunday, 24th March, 2013. 

Earlier on 29th January, our group was having dinner at Mother India when the idea was born to give something back to the community. It comprised of Dr Yadu Singh [INDAUS Inc President], Gareth McCray [Broadcaster & INDAUS Inc member], Ross Colossimo [CEO of The Australian Brewery & Bella Vista Hotel, Sanjeev Sharma [Mother India Owner & INDAUS Inc member], Rajiv Chaudhri [CEO of Hitek Australia & INDAUS Inc member], Poonam Verma [Jewellery Designer from India], and Kanika Chaudhri [Rajiv’s daughter]. 

This discussion came to focus on the myriad of disasters that had hit Australia since January. We got round to realising that the Regional city of Bundaberg had been worst hit. It was suggested and agreed that we contact the Hills Shire Mayor, Dr Michelle Byrne, and see if she would agree to front a committee to raise some funds to help the people of Bundaberg. We did that and she agreed. A committee was constituted and potential sponsors were decided to run a special Charity Dinner at Mother India. 

The steering committee consisted of the above people and had the following join us later:-

Dr Michelle Byrne, the Hills Shire Mayor, A/Prof Jim Taggart, Joseph Ishak from Skad Australia, Clr Jeff Lowe, John Ebbott, Ms Sonya Phillips [Former Hills Shire Mayor], Journalist Bev Jordan and David O’Neill, the General Manager of the Castle Hill RSL.  

Meeting on a weekly basis, our team planned the event which included day time markets followed by buffet lunch and a lavish dinner with entertainment, auctions and raffles. Entertainment was provided by renowned singer, Angie Dean and a local Bollywood dance group, organised by Mother India. 

At $75 per person, the team did not take long to fill the restaurant with 120 people. They enjoyed a three course sumptuous dinner with Beer and wine donated by generous donors, The Australian Brewery, Australian Hotel Association & Castle Hill RSL. 

Master of Ceremonies for the event was media personality, Gareth McCray and auctioneer was A/Professor Jim Taggart who both brought the electrifying energy and enthusiasm to the event, thus helping in the collection of funds. 

Salvation Army Officer from Bundaberg, Mr Peter Evans was flown down to Sydney to witness the event. His flights and accommodation were sponsored, organised by the team, at no cost to him. 

The items for auction included a Cricket Bat signed by national teams of Australia and UK [bid successfully by INDAUS Inc Vice President, Stanley D’Cruz for $2000], Jewellery worth $3500 from House of Fraser, a necklace donated by Poonam Verma and many others. 

It was an absolute privilege working with each of these people in the team, who all knew fully well why this fund raising was important for the People of Bundaberg. 

Families and businesses in Bundaberg that had only just started getting on top of things since the previous flood had to watch again as their lives were upended and swept away by the Burnett River that raged with a ferocity that had never been seen before. 

The floodwaters did recede as quickly as they rose but nothing could prepare the residents for what they found when they crossed back across the Burnett River – some houses had sunk into the ground, others were covered in mud so deep, bed lined in the trees roads turned up. The river turned Bundaberg into a war zone. However the spirit of Faith, Hope and Love grew out of this disaster. 

A Faith that is based upon the knowledge that we can always rely on each other to help when the need is there. 

A Love of the friends, family and people from across the nation, such as here in The Hills Shire, who have come to help those in great need. 

This is what makes the many national multicultural groups that make up Australia so special. We believe that thing we call “mateship” is something we should be so proud of, and which we can show whenever our fellow Australians are in need of. 

That is why we came together on Sunday March 24 to join in that spirit of Faith, Hope and Love and help the people of Bundaberg. 

In addition to INDAUS Inc members taking a key role in the project, Indian Australians worked shoulder to shoulder with Hills Shire community and raised this amount for people in Queensland who need it so desperately. 

We, in INDAUS Inc, were proud to be the key members of the committee, responsible for execution of the project and delivery of the outcome in a substantial way. It was a unique experience for us in INDAUS Inc. 

INDAUS Inc is indeed proud to be part of doing something for our fellow Australians.


With contribution from Gareth McCray and released by Dr Yadu Singh

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/4th April, 2013

Indian Australian groups contributed to Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday, 3rd March, 2013!

clean up4-13

Clean up1-13

clean up2-13

clean up3-13



Sydney, 31st March, 2013

Like last year, we took part in Clean Up Australia Day activities this year too.

On Sunday, 3rd March, 2013, friends from 3 organisations-Indian Australian Association of NSW Inc [INDAUS Inc], Basava Samithi of Australia [BSOA]-Sydney Chapter and Samarpan Inc [A group of people who have family members with disabilities] joined up for the clean up activities at GARRISON POINT, MURRUMBEENA RESERVE, OFF HENRY LAWSON DRIVE, GEORGES HALL, NSW-2198.

It started at 8 am and went on until 10.30 am.

After collecting several bags of rubbish, the clean up party had a tea/coffee session and general discussion, followed by certificates and pics. We discussed how important it is for all of us from all sort of backgrounds to get involved in Australian events/activities which will help Australia and Australians. Australia is after all our home!

People who took part in it included myself [Dr Yadu Singh], Chidanand Puttarevanna, Stanley D’Cruz, Gaurav Nirwal, Rajni Chandran, Uday Shah, Jaywanth Vaidya, Parul Shah, Hemanth Raju, Paramesh Halaradhya, Vishwas Suresh, Dayanand Mogale, Vishwanath Halyal, Prajwal Pradhan, Vijay Kumar and many others.

From the Clean Up Australia website:

“Australians have more than demonstrated their passion and responsibility for cleaning up their local environment. Over 550,300 volunteers have donned their gloves and picked up a bag to remove rubbish from around 7341 sites across the nation.

Early figures predict they will have removed around 16,150 tonnes of rubbish, just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a tremendous effort yet again.

Since the national event started in 1990 Australians have donated more than 26,100,600 million hours towards caring for the environment through Clean Up Australia Day, by removing an estimated 288,650 tonnes of rubbish across the country.”

Clean Up Australia Day is truly a national event, in which everyone participates.

Indian and other multicultural groups have been increasingly participating in these activities.

Australia is a great & clean country and it is everyone’s job to keep it that way.

We did our part and are proud of it.

Dr Yadu Singh


Parramasala, The Australian Festival of South Asian arts, is a milestone in multicultural NSW!





Parramasala, the Australian Festival of South Asian Arts, was initiated by Premier Kristina Keneally, then Premier of NSW, in 2010. It was held in 2011 and 2012 too. I and my friends have enjoyed it every year. Thousands of people from all backgrounds have enjoyed it too.

There are some question marks over whether it will continue in 2013 and beyond .

The budget of the festival is approx $1.5 millions, out of which approx $300,000 is contributed by Parramatta Council.

I attended a meeting, called by Parramatta Mayor recently. There was a discussion regarding the direction Parramasala should be taking from now on.

There was a discussion regarding whether one segment of Parramasala should happen in the neighbouring Harris Park suburb where there are many businesses from Indian/South Asian community.

There was a discussion whether “Curry & Spice festival”, focused on Harris Park should be included in the Parramasala.

There was a discussion regarding what Parramatta Council should do to get Harris Park included in Parramasala event. There was also a discussion regarding what Parramatta Council should do if Parramasala does not include Harris Park in the event.

After this meeting, we, the members of the community and businesses from Harris Park, had some further discussions among ourselves. I had some further discussions with many people on this.

This is what people think/feel about Parramasala and related events:

1. Parramasala is a significant event for NSW and South Asian communities.

2. Parramasala should continue to happen in 2013 and beyond.

3. Parramatta Council should continue to be a partner in Parramasala, contribute its share of money and should have a significant role in organising the event.

4. It will be nice if Harris Park event-Curry & Spice festival- is a part of Parramasala.

5. Parramasala should still continue to be held, even if Harris Park event-Curry & Spice festival- is not a part of Parramasala.

6. If Harris Park event-Curry & Spice festival- is not a part of Parramasala, it should still be organised and it should happen separately. Money aspect for Harris Park event should be worked on separately and should not be mixed or confused with anything to do with Parramasala. Contribution in advertisement and other related costs should be based on some fair formula. Contribution share based on number of seats in the restaurants is one such formula. Non-food businesses need to be involved in the festival and their contribution will need to be reasonable and fair.

7. Harris Park event- Curry & Spice festival- should be organised with participation from local businesses, community reps and Parramatta Council, as it is not only about local businesses.

Parramasala Board should have only those people who have vision, ability and capacity to organise an event of this nature. This is important to help this event grow , make the event more popular and have bigger participation of not only South Asian communities, but also general community. This has not happened and this needs to be reviewed why it has not happened.

Nomination of  people in Boards of events of this nature should be guided by quality and ability, in addition to vision of such people, not who the Govt leaders like even if such members do not have the required quality and ability.

Parramasala Board should be reviewed and reconstituted. Details of the

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/15th March, 2013