This video is inappropriate

Sydney, September, 2017

What do you think?

Is it funny or inappropriate?


Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has published an advertisement Video, which has Gods from various religions, including Lord Ganesh from Hinduism. Defenders of the video have pointed that it is clearly a satire and humorous, but others disagree. 

While many Hindu Australians have found the depiction of Lord Ganesh in this Video inappropriate and offensive for a variety of reasons including the fact the Lord Ganesh is not known to be associated with meat and alcohol, there are some who found it be funny, but without any sense of offence. Yet some others have pointed out that MLA has not been fair or balanced, or even brave enough, as they did not include religious figures from Islam, apart from a casual mention of their Prophet.

Lord Ganesh is a revered deity of Hinduism. Only a few days ago, Hindu Australians, just like Indians all over the world, celebrated “Ganesh Chaturthi” enthusiastically and in big numbers.

MLA’s agenda is quite clear. They wanted to create a controversy to generate publicity, and they have achieved their goal.

If I was the one who made the decision to have this video, I wouldn’t have done it or agreed with it. I don’t see much merit in hurting people’s sentiments without much reason or basis.

Dr Yadu Singh

Impact of the British reign in India wasn’t all that benign

Sydney/ 3 September, 2017

Indian politician, former diplomat and multi-award winning writer and novelist, Shashi Tharoor, is currently visiting Australia to take part in Melbourne Writers Festival. He will be in Sydney tomorrow to speak at the Opera House.

I joined the dinner event at Manjit’s, The Wharf, Sydney on Sunday, 3rd September, organized by Indian Link Media Group along with about 40 others including Multicultural NSW Chair, Dr Hari Harinath and many Australian journalists. 

He was interviewed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio-The World Today about the impact of 200 years of the British Rule on India. India’s share of 27% of the total world GDP in year 1700 came down to 3% at the end of British rule due to their loot and systemic industrial neglect of India. A compulsory listening indeed. See below.

He latest novel Inglorious Empire was recently reviewed by Christopher Kremmer.

His speech on this very topic at the Oxford Union Debate in 2015 is worth watching. It’s here.

He is the current Membet of Parliament (MP) from Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala, a former minister in Government of India, former Under Secretary General of United Nations Organization (UNO), Columnist and Op-Ed contributer in various national and International newspapers, a prolific writer, authoring 16 books. and the current Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs in Indian Pariament. 

Dr Yadu Singh 

Multicultural Media awards create healthy competition for quality and standards

Sydney, 30 August, 2017

It was great and a matter of privilege to be invited to attend NSW Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards tonight at the Waterview, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW.

These awards honour the quality journalism from the thriving and highly competitive multicultural media in NSW. Multicultural journalists won top awards under various categories. Indian Link media, as before, was finalist in many categories. Gurcharn Singh Kahlon, a Punjabi journalist, was a finalist too. Congratulations to all finalists especially Tia Singh (Indian Link) and Vijay Badhwar (The Indian Down Under), who were the winners in their categories.

Wonderful to catch up with the Premier of NSW, The Hon Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Multiculturalism, The Hon Ray Williams, along with so many media people including our own community media personalities and friends.

One thing which was very clear was that these awards are very important as they create healthy competition and help improve the quality and standards in multicultural media in NSW.

Dr Yadu Singh

Q and A with Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Sydney/19 August, 201

Q and A with Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.jpg

Join us for

Q and A with the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border protection

The Hon Alex Hawke MP

on Visa and Immigration matters

WHEN: Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 6.30-8.30pm

Where: Madison Function Centre, 632 Old Northern Rd, Dural NSW 2158

Free event, but RSVP essential


Dr Yadu Singh


SBS should review its stand on and use of incorrect Indian Map 

Sydney/16 Aug, 2017

Indian Australians are disappointed and dissatisfied with the response from SBS officials in regards to the incorrect depiction of Indian Map in their site. 

Previous blog post:

SBS responses are here. 

It’s offensive to see SBS using a blatantly wrong map of India. They could have sourced the information from DFAT. 
This is the indian Map DFAT is using. 

This is the Map SBS is using. This is offensive and objectionable. 

Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) is an integral, inseparable and inalienable part of India and will always remain so.

Let me remind those who do not know the relevant history. J&K became an inalienable part of India on 25th October, 1947 when King of J&K, Maharaja Hari Singh, signed the “Instrument of accession” with India. This Instrument was executed between India’s then Governor-General, Lord Louis Mountbatten, and Maharaja Hari Singh on 27th October, 1947. All rulers of States and Kingdoms in India were entitled to choose one of three options- join India, join Pakistan or remain independent-at the time of Indian independence in 1947.
J&K joined India in 1947.

India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August.

Here is the Link for more details.

American Professor Christine Fair’s exposure of the anti-India propaganda on this matter is worth watching. 

Maharaja Hari Singh’s Kingdom of Jammu & Kashmir obviously joined India. The Maharaja made the correct choice. He was a smart King. J&K is part of the progressive, prosperous, secular, multicultural and democratic India.

India and Indians will never allow anyone to undo what was done by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1947. Terrorism and unrest supported from across the border will never succeed.

We ask the following;

1. SBS should use an appropriate and correct Indian Map.

2. SBS should hold a consultation involving Indian Australian community. 

3. Executive producers of Indian languages programmes (Ms Kumud Merani, Ms Manpreet Singh, Ms Nital Desai, Mr Chandra Devudu) should advise SBS management about their mistake in this regard. 

4. GOI officials in Australia should take this matter actively. 

There are strict and stringent laws in India against incorrect use of Indian Map. They may be used against SBS officials, who visit India. 

It’s a “Live” matter, which should be given a serious attention by SBS. 

Dr Yadu Singh 

Indian Independence Day celebration at Consulate General of India in Sydney

Sydney, 15th August, 2017

Consulate General of India in Sydney hosted the Indian Independence Day today,

Indian Flag was hoisted and the speech of the President of India was read. A few patriotic songs were sung and Consul General of India, Mr B. Vanlalvawna, gave a sweet and patriotic speech. Some of the people there were dressed in the colours of the Indian Flag. 

The patriotism and pride to belong to Indian heritage were two most important emotions there. 

This was followed by refreshments and social interactions among people who attended the ceremony.

Jai Hind! 

Dr Yadu Singh

SBS should not use an incorrect map of India

Sydney/ 14th Aug, 2027

Just a few hours before the 70th anniversary of Indian Independence (71st Independence Day) on 15th August, the multicultural broadcaster, SBS, has decided to use a distorted and incorrect Map of India in its site. Kashmir is inalienable part of India, but SBS is showing it to be otherwise. The reason, whether it is due to poor information, mischief, unintentional mistake or due to intended purpose to insult India and Indian Australians (which I doubt), remains to be determined.

Whether SBS took inputs from Executive Producers of various Indian language programmes is also not known.

The best approach SBS, our own broadcaster, should do is to liaise with Consulate General of India in Sydney or High Commission of India in Canberra in regards to a matter like this. It is worth consulting DFAT too, because they are very aware of matters like this.

DFAT link has a different Indian map.

A few years ago, we dealt with a similar matter involving Department of Immigration of Australia.


We have lodged our protest with SBS authorities and shared the info with GOI authorities in Australia.

Dr Yadu Singh