National Council of Indian Australians [NCIA] formed.

Indian Australian Community Forms National Representative Body
18 November 2010
A group of prominent Australians of Indian origin have today come together to form the National Council of Indian Australians (‘NCIA’). The newly formed group will represent the interests of all Australians of Indian origin.
Ravi Bhatia, CEO of Primus Telecom founding co-Chairperson of NCIA said today that “Indian Australians have made wide ranging and significant contributions to many aspects of the Australian society, economy and culture. I, along with other prominent Indian Australians have formed NCIA as a non political organisation to represent and support the entire spectrum of people of Indian origin regardless of their state or region of origin in India. NCIA will be transparent and objective organization and we will set high standards in effectiveness and accountability. ”
“NCIA will interact with various agencies and elements of Australian Federal, State and as well elements and organs of Government of India to promote its objectives and assist with policy development as appropriate. NCIA will also interact with community organizations and professional bodies and associations in Australia, India and other countries.  An important aspect of the activities of NCIA will be interaction with Australian and Indian media to promote and present a balanced perspective on various issues of interest to the Indian Diaspora” Dr Yadu Singh, founding co-Chairperson of NCIA said today.
Founding President and the Secretary of NCIA, Mr Vasan Srinivasan, today spelled out the rationale behind forming NCIA, saying “there is urgent need for a single unified body that represents the interests of the Indian community in Australia and NCIA will fulfill that role.”
“Australia and India are sharing an increasingly close bi-lateral relationship. Australians of Indian origin play an important role in our multicultural country. The time has come for our community to speak with one voice on national issues. Indian Australians want an Australia that is socially harmonious, economically prosperous and that has close economic, political and social ties to India. It is our obligation to speak up and play a role in public debate on these matters” Mr Srinivasan said today.
The NCIA will hold a series of meetings and functions in each state across Australia in coming months, as well as seek high level meetings with State and Federal Government.
The NCIA is available to provide public comment on the wide range of matters that affect Indian Australians, or Australia’s relationship with India.
For Further Information, please contact:
Mr Vasan Srinivasan 
Dr. Yadu Singh
Mr. Ravi Bhatia

[By Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/19th November, 2010]

8 thoughts on “National Council of Indian Australians [NCIA] formed.

  1. Dear Yadu ji,

    CONGRATS,I wish NCIA every success and look forward to an
    organisation which will serve for all Indian Australians
    and not by religion or region of origin.

    Ahmed Hyder JP.MIAME.
    TG Holding Group of Companies,PNG.


  2. Another group formed??
    How long it’s gonna last, what’s the gurantee it’s not going to act like UIA??
    The mentioned commitee member all doing well in their field, busy businessmen, how they will spare time to look after community matters.
    Another group to raise funds and enjoy evenings in name of MEETINGS!!!
    Community are getting sick of so called self made leaders, we prefer white politicians(still better than ours), that’s the only reason of leaving India.
    Don’t waste your time, stay home and enjoy this beautiful country!!!


    • Dear Vishal,

      Your comment “Another group to raise funds and enjoy evenings in name of MEETINGS!!!” is not applicable to us as we do not believe in using anyone’s money for our enjoyment. Your comment about UIA is not relevant to us as we do not act like UIA.

      We can assure you 100% that we have the integrity of decent human beings and will follow transparency and proper governance.

      Agree with that Australia is a beautiful country and enjoy what is available in this great country. We however do enjoy doing what we are doing too and this beautiful country does allow us to do that too.
      Yadu Singh


  3. Hello Yadu ji

    congratulations on the formation of NCIA and best wishes.

    But, if you don’t mind, could you please give me some details about how NCIA will be different from the UIA (United Indian Associations) or that from UMAP ( ?

    UIA is a non-political body who is already interacting with the Aus govt. for many years and the consul general Mr. Dasgupta has affiliated with UIA on many occasions. And UMAP has interacted with the govt. ministers and various depts. to put up the pressure on the Aus govt.

    So, how the NCIA will work differently to those organisations?

    However, if all these organisations will work together and collaborate with each other, I guess it will be beneficial for the Indian community in Australia.
    However, if they try to downplay each other, then we will have another ‘great Indian Tamasha’ in Australia as well.

    Anyways, congrats again, and hope some good work will prevail rathar than just photos coming out in the newspapers.

    Kind regards

    Harprit Singh


  4. Dera Yaduji and et all

    Congratulations and best wished for the future of National Council of Indian Associations. It was much needed and long-awaited step realised by you guys.

    Thank you again for taking this initaiative.

    Sanjay Pandey


  5. The wisdom is in getting the best value with least investment which requires the best utilisation of human resource with the balancing of its inherent differences,ego,selfinterst and secret agenda in the name of community welfare.Good luck for this latest venture.Hopefully it will reach its mission without duplicating or demoting the existing organisations. Kind Regards from your almamater


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